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Executive Director/alchemist/curator, Park City Performing Arts Foundation


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Are there other presenters of the arts who find TED a complete inspiration?

Each year I am inspired by the E of the TED equation. This year we are presentling Quixotic, Anna Deavre Smith, Sarah Watkins, Ethyl, Paula Poundstone and Todd Rundgren (among others)...

I am constantly amazed by the talent TED finds first. We have also presented Nellie McKay, Jill Sobule and Julie Sweeney, John Doe. I like to think I would have discovered all of these talents on my own, but many were introduced to me through TED... How 'bout you ?


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  • Sep 30 2012: I am new to the TED community, but was first introduced to it by a college professor. I find TED to be a complete inspiration, because there is so much to be shared with the world! As a college student, my generation (and others) fails to see the power that we have right in front of us; to reach a magnitude of people at a vast rate with ease. Instead, most are sidetracked with posting photos of their "social life" and ranting about random topics, without doing anything about what they preach. TED empowers people to think from a new, innovative perspective and opens the door to new possibilities. Those who do not appreciate or value online communities that offer such knowledge are ignorant and amongst the black hole which is inevitably, our youth. To put it plainly, the world needs more artists... :)

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