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you cant build a world of your own

i think many of us have always wanted to build a world of oursrlves .we always think that somebody is not right .or he is not a good person .right .do you have the idea once .or eve ....right or wrong .hou can we settle the problem .

  • Sep 26 2012: You cannot build a world of your own by your self. But you can find people that believes what you believe in.
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      Sep 26 2012: i am looking for ....
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    Sep 26 2012: You are right Chen; it is vain to think that other people are not right, or not good. Most of the time we draw our conclusions from just one mistake that they've made.

    We can not live our lives looking for perfect people, or people that would not hurt us and would agree with anything and everything that we say.
    We should make peace with those friends who have hurt us; and we should forgive those who have shocked us by their sinister deeds(of these we have to be careful, forgiveness does not mean we think that a really babe guy is good).

    personally, I've accepted the fact that disagreements are inevitable; between friends and like minds; much more between enemies. But we should work hard to ensure that failed human relationships does not make a hell of our world.
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      Sep 26 2012: i think you misunderstand me bob
      what i mean is that we are all not perfect .we should not just do our things not consider others feeling .right i was a person of that once . i egnore others i make an arbitrary decision.i.....that is not a good thing.