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Virtual Health Care System

As generally known, in our daily lives there are people who care in researching information online about their diseases and their associated concerns. It is normal to get sick and there are normal questions we are concerned, our health is one of the most important things for us at certain times and what brings us into states of depression and serious chronic problems. And if the information that was available online was certified? As we know everyone has their doubts and the first doctor we consulted is our search engine. If the information were certified could people know better what to do and have more correct health behaviors, thereby minimizing costs to the national health system in many countries worldwide. Besides, it would be possible that all health professionals know full well how to intervene to help that, there was a homogeneity care in the world, and they are effective and efficient within the constraints of each country. This certification allowed people could see what really does in certain situations and with the scientific community deals with these issues, because the hardest to do when you are a doctor or nurse is change mindsets when they are deeply rooted in misinformation that is often given online. There are daily new studies in the medical field, new ways to prevent and promote our health. When users come up to us with pathologies means that health professionals and the health system make’s mistakes preventing this problem. Prevention largely eliminates the costs of treatments made to cure diseases in hospitals. In the health care system behaviors and information are the most important. Imagine that your child has the correct informations about different health issues? Imagine that he can access every day to them through social networks and contact with false beliefs? Doen't this not certified information make you sick? This project created jobs in various areas of health and development in the management and web search etc.