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Who wants an open source curriculum based Education?

Inspired by Clay Shirky's recent open source talk, I thought about having an educational curriculum that is open sourced to students. Wouldn't it be exciting if students are taught to take ownership of their own learning journey. No more vague and unhelpful teacher feedback, instead students come into educational institutions knowing that their perspective counts and that they are in charge of their learning. Conceptual.understanding at their pace and language.


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    Oct 4 2012: We teach knowledge and understanding. Facts and concepts. Given the open source model, let's apply this system of argumentation to the problem.


    At the end he talks about what will matter in the transformation. I say one hyper-valuable tool is IBIS (Issue Based Information System) style argumentation. When we can distinguish twixt claim/position/idea/answer and question and arguments pro and con, we can understand tremendously complex things much better.

    One tough thing is that in essay form we often take a position without making the question to which this is an answer actually explicit. Skilled people can intuit such a question and propose it. Knowing the question clarifies the answer a great deal. When you change the question for which this is the answer then you need to make another copy of the answer/idea/position, since the pros and cons will also be different. Nevertheless, the discussion or argument gains clarity and alternate answers are easy to propose and consider.

    This is a form of learning that gets radically better as more people use it for more topics over time. There really are a hundred million questions deserving careful thought and good answers. Lots of good answers. And what a web to explore! It could be fascinating for a lifetime. It is for me already.

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