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Who wants an open source curriculum based Education?

Inspired by Clay Shirky's recent open source talk, I thought about having an educational curriculum that is open sourced to students. Wouldn't it be exciting if students are taught to take ownership of their own learning journey. No more vague and unhelpful teacher feedback, instead students come into educational institutions knowing that their perspective counts and that they are in charge of their learning. Conceptual.understanding at their pace and language.


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    Sep 26 2012: Isn't that available now at Wikiversity.com?
    • Sep 26 2012: Thanks for that, and I guess it does to a certain extent, but these open source sites exist as tools or as compliments to education and not the official curriculum itself. Consider this please if you may, we've all experienced holding a piece of curriculum paper, our transcripts maybe, and I for one felt and still feel that alieness towards its form and content. For something that took so many years of my life, why is it that I feel that it is not truly representative of my learning experience. My assumption is because I wasn't really involved in the curriculum creation process.

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