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Should we ditch paper text books for e-books on portable e-readers like the Kindle, etc.

With the proliferation of mobile devices and the ease with which content on these devices can be distributed and update how does the future look for the bulky, yet durable, paper based text book?

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    Mar 22 2011: I'm an addict to ebooks and audio-books and only buy paper books if I have no other choice.
    Not only are paperless books more practical (you can carry a library with you with having the weight of paper), but they are also more environmental friendly.
    However, I admit, that there are still many people out there who wouldn't want to miss the feel of a real book. So it probably comes down to personal preferences, although I strongly believe that paper books, as well as paper magazines and newspapers will eventually be gone.
    • Mar 22 2011: NAH! You don't throw away your books as you delete your e-books. And receive a book as gift is nice, is tactile, has its own characteristics.
      I don't know you, but when I finish a huge book I feel great! I defeated that amount of pages! And that was pleasant! After that, I lend to someone to defeat it too.
      Exchange books is pretty cool too.
      Try it!
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        Mar 22 2011: Caro Caio,
        There is probably no wrong or right answer to this question, but it's a case of personal preferences.
        As for me, it doesn't matter to me whether or not I "defeat" a book. And as to lending, ebooks or audio books are even easier to spread, because you can make copies of them (ok, not all of them because of copyrights).
        Beside nostalgia and the decorative properties (even that is diminishing more and more in the time of paperbacks) I can't see much value in paper books.
        Anyway, although I think print media will be eventually something of the past, I also think it's not going to happen tomorrow. So you still get some time to buy your paper books, but better hurry up, you never know ;-)
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    Mar 22 2011: I'm sure of one thing. You will definitely DECREASE YOUR READING SPEED.
  • Mar 22 2011: There are differences between the way you read. And by Read I'm not just saying to read, I mean the 'ritual', the experience, the touch, the weigth, the smell, ambience. All this afffects the act of reading.
    It's close to the experience of eat home-made Hamburger and junkfood: Home-made burger has different taste, different values, it could be an familly recipe, you eat at home with your friends/relatives, you eat calmly.By the way, a burger bought on the streets, to not say names, you eat fast, with strange people, you don't know how it was made. You just wanna eat.
    With book/e-books is more or less that:
    Every paper book have different size, weight, smell(pay attention on that). A paper book become old if you don't take care of it. The owner clings to his books.
    E-books are downloaded, read, and deleted. You don't do this with paper books, you like'em!
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      Mar 22 2011: Caio, that brings up the question why does one buy a book in the first place ? I know some people buy books as decoration material. They just like the leather cover with gold imprints.
      I for my part buy books for one sole reason and that's the content of the book. The weight is rather an annoyance to me because as an avid reader I always had to carry several books on my trips.
      Btw, I don't delete neither audio books nor ebooks.