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You have just won the 2020 election and are now president/ruler of your country.

What are your first steps?

What would you, as leader, do to better the situation?

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    Sep 26 2012: I would run my country as a dictator until i'm hung for treason but understanding that the next group will be in for the reboot and the possibility of incoming mass investment will flourish rather than stagnate a dying petal.
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    Sep 26 2012: Build a tax payer funded online public school for K-doctorate students, by offering teachers in the current system a small pay raise for recording classes they already teach. Close a few failing schools to fund the program so as not to require a tax raise.

    Build solar concentrating desalination plants on the west coast. Sell the Mojave desert to solar development.

    Expand the Army core of engineers as I bring the troops home. Train and pay the military to build American infrastructure during times of peace.

    Offer the deal Carter offered North Korea, to Iran and North Korea again. You give up your private program, we'll print money, and build free high end reactors for you, or even better, in Iran, solar concentrators.

    Propose a bill to move narcotics, into the not for profit sector, releasing non violent criminals, and focusing on a public health model for dealing with addiction.

    Go back to forced hard labor, but combine it with job training for violent criminals.

    Propose a bill to end the cap on social security and medicare for wealthy people, which makes the program solvent.

    Triple the budget of NASA, and start a manned Mars mission.

    Offer to move NASA, into the UN, for additional funding, creating a worldwide spaceprogram.... but wait there's more... but, that's off the top of my head.
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    Sep 25 2012: Well I would like there to be heavy involvement in revolutionizing education, but it seems that a president would have much bigger problems at hand than to spend the majority of his time and efforts on education.
  • Sep 27 2012: i would put an end to lobbiest so that we could continue to have a president for the "people" and for our nations best interest not for big business.
    i would cut the pay of all politions and give that money to the school district that is our real future!!!
    free college for every one till there gpa droped under a desagnated amound
    free healthcare paid for by forcing the medical industry to charge a realistic amount for procedures, supplys, and drugs
    well that is enough for now i have to eat dinner more to come :)