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What is the relationship between music and emotion?

As a songwriter, I believe that a song was an emotion caught in a bottle. Listening to a song or playing one I've written while feeling a certain way has always been a sort of emotional time travel for me. Music for me is the most intimate form of expression.

Others might argue that music is a fabrication using the mathematical manipulation of sounds put together in a way that provokes a specific emotional response.

I'd like to hear what others think:

-What is music?

-How does music express emotion?

-What scientific effect does music have on emotions?

-and more?


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  • Oct 24 2012: Music is one of the purest forms of emotional expression. When you hear a piece of music, the feeling you have at that moment is most likely the same feeling the composer had when he/she was writing the piece. It forms a connection between the listener and the composer beyond comprehension, and represents something we all have in common.

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