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What is the relationship between music and emotion?

As a songwriter, I believe that a song was an emotion caught in a bottle. Listening to a song or playing one I've written while feeling a certain way has always been a sort of emotional time travel for me. Music for me is the most intimate form of expression.

Others might argue that music is a fabrication using the mathematical manipulation of sounds put together in a way that provokes a specific emotional response.

I'd like to hear what others think:

-What is music?

-How does music express emotion?

-What scientific effect does music have on emotions?

-and more?


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    Sep 26 2012: I've recently been interested about Carl Jung and his idea of the collective unconscious. Perhaps at a concert, where there is a whole crowd feeling the same emotion, or connecting to the piece of music on some level, then some sort of harmony arises between each person. Like the huge flocks of birds that turn together at moment's notice.

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