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My Dreams

What were your goals as a child? Did you get there?

Did you change your mind?

How is your life developing...when you compare it to your goals as a child?

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    Sep 25 2012: It was my childhood dream to be a successful storyteller. As a child I loved acting and writing; and today I still love both.
    I thought I would be an actor and a writer on a grand scale before my 25th....but so far.......
    I've worked in the TV/Film industry in South Africa; and I've not stopped writing....Nothing grand yet.

    I haven't changed my mind. In fact, I'm more determined than ever. The Bible says "Seek and you shall find". The journey and processes might take longer than one is prepared for; but a young man should not give up.Never!
    Some treasures can only be found by to digging deep. Step by step, step by step, brighter days I'm on my way........

    As long as we are alive we should not give up on our dreams. We should crawl, walk, run......keep moving.
  • Sep 25 2012: I dreamt to be a pilot. but didn't happen. once I took a plain and I couldn't find the meaning of travelling this way yet hoping to know people.

    I changed my dream. I chased my dream, I still work on it to make it reality, hopefully one day.

    our dreams change as we grow old - sometimes the exterior world's demand makes a to choose (change) a new path, different of what we had in mind.
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      Sep 25 2012: Thanks for the response Edwin.

      What's keeping you from that dream? What kind of road blocks have you encountered?

      Do you feel like you cannot reach that goal...or is it something else keeping you from moving forward?

      How much training have you gone through as far as flight?
      • Sep 25 2012: I haven't done any training for being a pilot, It was just a kid dreaming. maybe I was fascinated by that uniform and seeing the world (as kid I though those pilots travel a lot) so I am not a pilot. I just took plain as a passenger to fly from A to B, and it wasn't much fun. although this was years later after I changed my dream.

        I remember being a young teenager (maybe 11 or 12 years old) I saw a TV commercial. it was a Bank's ad, the ad was designed as it was happening in 50s. and guys in the ad looked very classic, well dressed. this captured my imagination. So I dreamed to be a Businessman, (dress like those guys in ad) at age 13 I was in business (yes, a little, skinny salesperson, dressed like Mowgli ) buying things from city (I was a city boy) and selling them in village during my summer holidays. 10 years after that I was the guy in blue jeans investing in property market ( I was chasing my dream) I moved out from my own country and stated to think of travelling (unlike the pilots), by bike, bus, train, car to see the world and the people.

        I still work on my dream(s) because with each birthday (apart wishing not to die during next 365 day) I get new dreams.

        No regrets, I am happy I am not pilot working for a pay-check and holing peoples life in my hand. I am happy because with my experience I inspire others and help them to realise that if I could do what I wanted to do, they can too.

        Dream big, make it clear to yourself and be faithful to your dream. Keep on dreaming!
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          Sep 25 2012: So you are saying...you are actually glad you didn't achieve your dream?

          That's interesting...maybe it's all about where your at...as oppose to where you want to be.
      • Sep 25 2012: Henry,

        as a child, we all have unrealistic wild imaginations, (building a spaceships and giving them names and values that unaffordable for any country to buy one)

        the older we get the more we understand the meaning of DREAM. and also our circumstances made us to change our dreams. you can say that exterior world affect on our dreams,
        (say, you want to be the President of your country and your parents move to Afghanistan, and there you change your dream to be a doctor so you may help people)

        so does the time: 5 years ago, this Environmental Science was a top subject, my friends went to Uni and got his Master in Environmental Science, but today he can't get a job. what does he have to do? CHANGE his dream or do some soul destroying jobs until he "may" find his dream.
        I went to Uni to study Computing Science (hoping to work for IBM) I dropped out from Uni after first semester, because I couldn't stand being told what to do. How IBM managers would tell me what to do... so I started to study languages and verbal and nonverbal communication science. today I speak 5 languages and teach how to communicate and perform in Business and at school,

        am I unhappy? no, the time, circumstances and environment changed my dreams. I still dream!
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    Sep 26 2012: I wanted to be a animation artist. Then I found out that women back then had no chance of working on cartoons. They could be a colorist but would never be allowed to draw. Only men could be animators back in the day of Disney and Loony Toons.

    I still draw and have fun, but I still wish this was an option back then like it is now.
  • Sep 26 2012: you may say, who we fail to pursue our dreams.

  • Sep 26 2012: To become an artist, designer, imagineer, explorer, thinker
    I am still everyday.

    I never had any goals, i had a vision.
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    Sep 25 2012: I wanted to solve problems using logic... and have done many things like that throughout my career.

    I wanted to be a teacher ...and have done that almost consistenly over decades of a career.

    I wanted to contribute to the public good... and I have worked consistently at that.

    I wanted to have five kids... and had three.

    I wanted to raise either pigs or hippos ... and a decidedly porcine English Bulldog is grunting about a foot from where I sit.

    That said, I don't think childhood dreams have greater legitimacy than dreams people develop after they have more perspective on what jobs involve, what they enjoy doing, and where their special talents lie.
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    Sep 25 2012: R.I.P. Randy