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How has the internet changed our lives through the digital age of blogs, twitter, facebook etc..?? What is next for the internet?

I am currently developing my research for my dissertation for my degree in Textile Design. I am interested in how the internet has changed fashion and asking questions such as is being old fashioned in digital world a bad thing? What are designers doing to embrace the growing age of the internet? What impact are fashion bloggers in trend forecasting etc..?


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    Oct 1 2012: Internet and the power on people's lives is just in it's infancy. We will see huge transformation in the possibilites of creating real and physical changes socially for both the good and bad. Next stage will be to bring thirsty minds together from the underutilized in our societies to form teams concentrating on education and economics that will foster people's live to a higher cause. I am working on such a project and it will come to fruition, if not by me then by others, so let it be written, so let it be done.

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