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What is love?

Love has been one of those terms that has gripped the history of civilization. For better or for worse, we, on a daily basis, construe our lives based on our particular understanding of love - we usually link our happiness with love. There are many perspectives on love: emotions, practice, ethic, to name a few. Often, our experiences with love are powerful, and they are indeed worth sharing.

What is your particular understanding of love?


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    Oct 1 2012: Love is the strongest desire to attach to some 'thing' - the highest degree of happiness.
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      Oct 1 2012: Hi Nicholas,
      I suggest that the highest level of love is NOT attached. The highest level of love is given without attachment or expectations:>)
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        Oct 1 2012: Then how do you explain unconditional love between mother and child?

        Attachment is the source of all emotion Colleen!
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          Oct 1 2012: I cannot explain it for everyone Nicholas. My own experience, and what I have observed with many mothers, is that they/we give everything and anything without expecting anything in return....that is unconditional love.

          I do not agree that attachment is the source of all emotion. We all experience emotion. Whether or not we choose to be attached to emotion is a choice...it's only my own experience Nicholas.

          I'll share a story with you regarding how I learned this concept Nicholas.
          My father was a violent abusive man. My mother, for whatever reason, stayed with him for 65 years...until she died. From the time I was a wee little lass, my mom always said love the man, hate the behavior. I learned from a very young age to love, even when the person was not lovable. I also learned to seperate the behavior from the person, which is unconditional love of a person, while NOT accepting certain behaviors.

          It's simply my experience....not trying to convince you of anything. I will say, however, that the practice has given me contentment in my life:>)
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        Oct 2 2012: You're just absolutely delightful, aren't you Colleen Steen? My love goes out to you, truly.

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          Oct 2 2012: Hi Christian,
          I don't know how "delightful" I am.....I suppose it depends on who you ask!!! LOL:>)

          I DO know that I am delighted with the life experience, and if that is at all projected out into our world, I am content. My love goes out to you too....truly my friend:>)


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