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What is love?

Love has been one of those terms that has gripped the history of civilization. For better or for worse, we, on a daily basis, construe our lives based on our particular understanding of love - we usually link our happiness with love. There are many perspectives on love: emotions, practice, ethic, to name a few. Often, our experiences with love are powerful, and they are indeed worth sharing.

What is your particular understanding of love?


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    Sep 28 2012: To comprehend love, you really need to comprehend your technology, for love is truth on many levels.

    To keep the game of love in the mind, you need a BARRIER BETWEEN FANTASY AND REALITY, and this requires you to use your own hands for every decision so you keep the dangerous logistics IN YOUR MIND so they stay out of this dimension of the shared reality.

    To use your analysis tools for this system, please label FOR ALL TIME, but ONLY IN YOUR MIND, from left index to right across your palms with the following terms: lie, scapegoat, dishonor, torture, steal, overwork, adulterate, kill. One note: The reason I use "adulterate" instead of "adultery" is because we are talking about the tainting of LOGIC OF ANCESTRY.

    These labels are not random. They are designed in conjunction with our MUTUAL PROCESSING ABILITIES.

    If you do not lie, then you RESPECT the TRUTH of your life's path FORWARD in space-time so you PROTECT THE BARRIER.
    If you do not scapegoat, you RESPECT THE MISTAKES in your life's path BACKWARDS in space-time and learn from them.

    If you do not dishonor, then you respect the peace you keep with your FRIENDS AND FAMILY as you all travel forward through space-time.
    If you do not torture, you respect the WAKE you leave behind your entourage through space-time.

    If you do not steal, you respect the burdens of OTHERS BEFORE THEY ARRIVE in your vicinity in space-time.
    If you do not overwork, you respect the burdens YOU ADD TO OTHERS as they leave through space-time.

    If you do not adulterate, you respect the rights of others to making ancestry that moves forward through space-time.
    If you do not kill, you respect the rights of others to HAVING ANCESTRY that moves naturally backwards in space-time.

    Thus, when you judge someone to love, you can see how you INTERFACE: Love is HONEST. Love is RESPONSIBLE. Love is HONORABLE. Love is FUN. Love is GIVING. Love is EFFORTLESS. Love is INTIMATE. Love is FULFILLING.


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