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What is love?

Love has been one of those terms that has gripped the history of civilization. For better or for worse, we, on a daily basis, construe our lives based on our particular understanding of love - we usually link our happiness with love. There are many perspectives on love: emotions, practice, ethic, to name a few. Often, our experiences with love are powerful, and they are indeed worth sharing.

What is your particular understanding of love?


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  • Sep 26 2012: I agree with TED Lover that the word "love" is so distorted that it is difficult to know what someone means when they say, "II love you". It is probably wise to ask, for clarity's sake. In this way, we can avoid someone meaning, "I enjoy your company", while we are hearing "You are mine for life!!" Or perhaps we could just say what we mean in the first place. I often tell people, "I enjoy you", or something to that effect. They may be stirring the feeling of love within me, yet I am not sure what they will hear through their filters if I say, "I love you".

    That being said, have you noticed that the only place you ever feel love is within your own heart? Therefore, nothing can stop us from loving, except we ourselves. If we stop feeling love for any reason, we are the ones who are stopping it, not someone else. We are the ones creating our own pain by shutting down. It's the same with not feeling love, because we are waiting for someone to be a cause for love. Love needs no cause. It just feels good, so do it! :)

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