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What is love?

Love has been one of those terms that has gripped the history of civilization. For better or for worse, we, on a daily basis, construe our lives based on our particular understanding of love - we usually link our happiness with love. There are many perspectives on love: emotions, practice, ethic, to name a few. Often, our experiences with love are powerful, and they are indeed worth sharing.

What is your particular understanding of love?


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  • Sep 27 2012: Love is a whole hearted, peacefull, blissfull, happy FEELING expressed, shown by way of action, thought in mind towards any living, dead, people, animals, aliens :), things, water, air and fire.
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      Sep 28 2012: Hi Shanmugananda,

      In your understanding, love is that "feeling," eh? Like, the butterflies that dance around in our stomach when we're in the presence of something good, true and beautiful?



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