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What is the best way to use a TEDx event to motivate teachers to be more creative, entertaining, innovative, enthralling, etc.?

I am starting to think about the next TEDxTokyoTeachers and I would love to hear what the TED community has to say about motivating teachers TED style. I know there are a lot of workshops and education seminars that focus on making better teachers, but what can I do with a few hours, a few drinks, and a TEDx format to make better teachers?

If you are in the Tokyo area in March I would be more than willing to get your idea on stage.


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  • Oct 24 2012: have been a Special Education Teacher for 30 years. I never tell my students that they have made a mistake.
    I say it's a Miss Take. You can try again! I also sing to my students. Around here we always sit up tall. I say O they say K. One teacher I know sings class class class and the students say yes, yes, yet. A muti-modality approach is best. These strategies are very apparent at the elementary school. We must empower our students

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