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What is the best way to use a TEDx event to motivate teachers to be more creative, entertaining, innovative, enthralling, etc.?

I am starting to think about the next TEDxTokyoTeachers and I would love to hear what the TED community has to say about motivating teachers TED style. I know there are a lot of workshops and education seminars that focus on making better teachers, but what can I do with a few hours, a few drinks, and a TEDx format to make better teachers?

If you are in the Tokyo area in March I would be more than willing to get your idea on stage.


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    Oct 15 2012: Work your butt off ! Know the hell out of the subject matter. Express to the children that you feel honored to be their teacher. Use every discipline control technique available to maintain order. Be most frugal with humor and juvenile joviality; but don't completely be a prude. Once in a while stray from teaching to explain about appropriate facts of life: How to use Kleenex to muffle a sneeze and cough and why. Teaching the facts of life that are not in a book are golden for gaining respect from children.
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      Oct 22 2012: Frugal with humor and juvenile joviality? That is something I am not doing at all...

      Can you expand on our Kleenex advice. I am not quite following but am interested.
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        Oct 22 2012: re Frugal: I am of the school that young students look for serious adult leadership, not a pal. I'm not advocating being unfriendly, just that school time is for learning and not so much for telling jokes and laughing away valuable learning time. Tell a joke at the end of class on Fridays that's AOK with me.

        If you use a kleenex like a flat sheet it is ok for collecting mucus but it will not muffle sound. It needs to be turned into what I call, "a rosette" that is: wadded so that it is a fluffy ball. Then use that to sneeze into or cough into. It muffles sneeze sound and cough sound very nicely. AS such it shows respect for a lecturer or teacher or minister etc. It also teaches those around you that you are a caring person; and it teaches them "good manners" and it shows that you have good manners.
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          Oct 24 2012: I agree with you on the frugal part, but I slip down the slippery slope joviality too often and see what you mean. Something to improve on!

          I will try to get that tissue lesson in...we have some serious hay fever seasons here in Japan so it will be useful!

          Thanks for that advice.

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