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What is the best way to use a TEDx event to motivate teachers to be more creative, entertaining, innovative, enthralling, etc.?

I am starting to think about the next TEDxTokyoTeachers and I would love to hear what the TED community has to say about motivating teachers TED style. I know there are a lot of workshops and education seminars that focus on making better teachers, but what can I do with a few hours, a few drinks, and a TEDx format to make better teachers?

If you are in the Tokyo area in March I would be more than willing to get your idea on stage.


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    Sep 25 2012: I would include a qualified speaker who can address what the learning sciences have revealed about how children learn as well as some speakers presenting concrete examples, with video, of effective teaching strategies and tools for a population mix such as your teachers have.

    As part of your planning for the event, take a look at the Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences. I am certain you will get ideas for what sort of speakers to invite from the articles you read there. It is not "scientific" material in the normal sense, but it is state of the art in terms of what we know about learning, effective classroom organization, and pedagogy.
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      Sep 25 2012: This sounds great, but maybe more suited for a traditional conference or a workshop.

      We are short on time and last year had speakers max out at ten minutes, most averaging 8. I need speakers who will motivate teachers to seek out this material, either at a workshop, book or online.

      I suppose they could do it as a teaser trailer.

      Thanks for reply...I will definitely look up that book!

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