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Do we understand how our government works? As a group of creative individuals...are we aware of our political policies and structure?

Do you pay attention to state elections? Are you involved with government?

How important are these things to you?

If you don't live in the United States...what's important to you about government?

How is your country doing in relation to the world?

What would you change about your country?

How do you feel about the United States?

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    Gail .

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    Sep 25 2012: I do understand how our government works. I do understand how our government was supposed to work. I do understand that the vast majority of Americans are working very hard to support a corrupt system that is destroying them. I do understand that I have never met another person who has a working knowledge of the text of the Constitution or a minimal awareness of the ACTUAL history of the United States, or an awareness of how we got to "here" from "there".
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      Sep 25 2012: Why is that then?

      In your opinion, do people have no working knowledge because it's impossible...or because they don't care to learn?
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        Gail .

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        Sep 25 2012: Neither. They have been taught outright, provable lies about American history. This leaves them to believe that they know something that they do not know. Such a situation leads to confusion, apathy, and an inability to see the actual solutions that would fix that which is broken.

        Do you, for instance know that America lost its constitutional government in 1819, when the Supreme Court, as part of a bloodless coup d'etat overthrew the constitutional republic and replaced it with a System of checks & balances; overthrew constitutional law and replaced it with British Common Law; Decreed that the Constitution is not a contract, but a guideline; said that the Bill of Rights are not law, but merely suggestions, etc, etc, etc, etc, (Mc Mulloch V Maryland)

        If you go to the government web sites today, you will see the Federalist Papers offered for perusal, but you will not find the anti-federalist papers offered. You will not see that VA, NY, MA, NH, CT, & RI effectively blocked ratification of the constitution that the federalists wanted, and that the constitution was conditionally ratified. (See the articles of ratification in the Avalon project)

        The 10th Amend says govn't has no power unless granted it by the constitution, but the court said it MEANS that govn't has EVERY power unless specifically denied it by the Const, and even then it can ASSUME powers using (unconstitutional) implied powers and the (constitutional) necessary powers clause - but a power doesn't have to be necessary (meaning essential) to be assumed.

        Court also said never to involve the people in such petty measures.

        This was the decision that formally turned OUR government over to the banksters who are today's problem. (established an unconstitutional national bank). So govn't started going on-sale to the highest bidders (the Robber Barons).

        Much more to the story, but when people don't know when & how it broke, how can we fix it?