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Tele-Work and Its Possibly Profound Consequences

The technology of tele-work perhaps may limit the amount of so called green house gases being discharged from automobiles and all other such components and perhaps thus improve air quality reduce the price of gasoline save perhaps a significant sum of money by said tele-workers and thus strengthen the entire economy.

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    Sep 26 2012: Lots of professionals in the computer industry have been doing this for a couple of decades. As Robert writes, monitoring is sometimes an issue, though if what really matters is that a certain amount of work gets done, the central question is whether the product was delivered on time.

    I am located 3000 miles from my employer. One of my neighbors has regular clients in Europe.

    It's not a new thing. It works better for some work than others.
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    Sep 26 2012: Dearth, I would love to see this happen ... Although I am not so sure we would see the results you describe. As a supervisor I had maybe three or four people who could be trusted to be doing company work from home. Some required access to files and resources and could not do tele-work.

    Dearth I know nothing about you no bio (that would help). During my last few years there was a problem in hiring people who actually worked. Some I let go during probation and some were fired. The union wanted to close us down because one union member was so drunk that he passed out and was hospitalized fearing alochol poisioning and we fired him as this was the third time he came in drunk. He was given treatment and rehab but said that the union would never allow him to be fired .... he was wrong.

    Tele-work would take a person with strong work ethics and moral character thus a proven asset. The inter office problems come into view as the "why him / her", "I should get to do that too", "do I get an office computer to work with", "supplys", "extra pay for having to come in", "dedicatred office for taxes", "how is he supervised", etc .....

    In the end we just decided it was not worth it. The people who would have qualified are the ones who are idea generators and we all bounce thoughts off of. They are a special part of the office.

    All the best.