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The plausibility of artificially intelligent robots becoming conscious and therefore becoming slaves of humans and the ethical implications.

It is becoming increasingly clear that with advances in technology and esoteric subject areas we are going to develop conscious or conscius simulating robots that will become commercially available.


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  • Sep 25 2012: Your concern may be misplaced.

    Much of the research into artificially intelligent computers is being done on machines connected to the internet. Some researchers are hoping to develop machines smart enough to change their own programming and improve themselves. At that point the programs might very well become intelligent enough to spread themselves throughout other computers on the internet. With this enormous amount of hardware at their command they will likely become much more intelligent than humans. Rather than being concerned with the rights of AI machines, you might well be concerned about asking them politely if they will allow you to use your computer for a few minutes.

    "there is always a possibility of odd things occurring" ... Some researchers are hoping for odd things to occur.
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      Oct 5 2012: I would love to see some odd things.

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