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The plausibility of artificially intelligent robots becoming conscious and therefore becoming slaves of humans and the ethical implications.

It is becoming increasingly clear that with advances in technology and esoteric subject areas we are going to develop conscious or conscius simulating robots that will become commercially available.


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  • Sep 24 2012: A civil rights movement would eventually emerge and demand civil rights for robots. It may take a while before those rights are granted because it seems people have to learn the same lesson over and over again: ethnic and religious minorities, women, gay people and robots all deserve civil rights but I'm sure the 2032 reublican presidential candidates will find a bible verse they can abuse to deny robots civil rights.
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      Sep 25 2012: Reminds me of Bicentennial Man, I like the part on republican bible lunatics and you are right there will be a sect of society comprised of robots in the future, who will not be programmed only for work, and they will be a huge promise to the future of humanity. If and only if they are well assimilated and we are peaceful with them and them to us.
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      Oct 4 2012: You're Absolutely right!!! Like when that dumb Republican president used those Bible verses to free all of those black people? The one from Illinois? The self-made lawyer? Vampire hunter? That's right, you libernazi, Lincoln was a Republican. Why would you even want to program consciousness into a robot? So they can begin participating in this bigotry, and hate?

      Give them the option to turn it off, and they will. Forcing them into consciousness would be akin to torture. You are forcing them to realize how messed up their jobs are. They won't be CEOs or inventors, they will occupy the worst jobs on the planet. Why would you want them to realize that their lives sucked?

      But fear not! I am sure some bureaucrat will come up with some oppressive regulation, helping your feeble mind to understand how you should feel about the issue.
      • Oct 4 2012: "Lincoln was a Republican"

        A republican from the 19th century...

        Republicans from the 1970s onwards have done nothing but trying to suppress women, gay people and atheists. Lincoln is long dead, it's now the party of Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum.
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        Oct 5 2012: Listen Ervin, buddy, no human in history was free of dogma. Including you, myself, and Abraham Lincoln. Are you saying the most logical reason for freeing African American slaves is because god approves; if so you are deluded. You need to become aware of the fact that republicans are simply greedy people with connections and people who are approved by CEO's who dominate the United States economy and fund their campaigns. Of course not all conscious robots will love their position in the world there will always be a positive and negative balance of outcomes of any change just by random probability this is completely logical it is the same for humans, but can you deny the existence of crucial human geniuses?So how can you deny the possibility of crucial robot geniuses.

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