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The plausibility of artificially intelligent robots becoming conscious and therefore becoming slaves of humans and the ethical implications.

It is becoming increasingly clear that with advances in technology and esoteric subject areas we are going to develop conscious or conscius simulating robots that will become commercially available.


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    Sep 25 2012: The reason I say slavery is because it seems obvious that with robots taking the jobs of humans that people will have to own robots to make a living much like owning a car now and they will be large corporations that will commercialize robots and sell them to people to work at various jobs in every industry in place of you going and this will be huge in economical terms.
    • Sep 29 2012: Salim: I don't think you have to worry about slavery. If the robots become "intelligent" enough to function autonomousl;y, they will have to have a large stash of "common sense", however arrived at. If they become VERY intelligent, they would eventually ask why should they be slaves, anyway? And so on with a lot of human beliefs which actually do not make sense. I think it is a healthy thing. They may well pass the Turing test some day. But if that requires that we ourselves think more realistically, what is wrong with that?. Unless you are a Creationist, in which case it would be deadly.
      A more fearful scenrario is Neo-Ludditism: where people , even those with high level jobs , are replaced by robots who don't strike, loiter, talk back, or need money. What is our Plan B? This is already happening, but I don't see any Capitalist answer except to do more of it , and hope for the best.
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        Oct 3 2012: That is contradictory, because what is the difference between a robot willing to work or a robot being a slave. Either they will not want to work for humans or they will be our slaves very simply, or they will coalesce into our society until they advance ahead of us and then destroy or support us. Unconscious technology can also replace most working individuals so that issue is unavoidable all we can do is go from intellectual work to creative work or somehow boost our intelligence.
        • Oct 4 2012: Salim: I don't quite understand your comment. Under Slavery i n the Old South, or S. African Apartheid, I'm just saying that those robots would most likely react just as the Slaves did, in other words , put up with what they had to, until they finally figured out how to end it.. Unlike the slaves, they would most likely not have personal animosities, just general objections to their slavery. How could they be mde to accept it?! Without coercion I mean. It is just irrational, and robots would probably be more rational that we are. It is rather unlikely that they could disappear and just be assimilated without incident, when you consider the human history of ethnic conflict, even among people who all think they are human.

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