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The plausibility of artificially intelligent robots becoming conscious and therefore becoming slaves of humans and the ethical implications.

It is becoming increasingly clear that with advances in technology and esoteric subject areas we are going to develop conscious or conscius simulating robots that will become commercially available.


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  • Oct 2 2012: A robot, will always be a robot maybe i will change my mind in the future but right now that is what i see. Let me show an example. Q. What does a robot must do to cross a street? A. A robot must measure the distance, speed and possible acceleration of the cars that are coming. And must make this calculations each second. At the same time the robot must determine what will be the right speed to cross the street without colliding with the cars that move horizontally along the street in both directions.
    A Human being can cross the street without knowing the exact acceleration, speed, distance, of the cars. A human just knows when is the right to cross the street, when to accelerate or slow down during the crossing without knowing the physics of crossing a street. That simple display of data processing that takes place in our brain when we perform an action as simple as crossing a street is one of the things that the masterpiece of biological hardware we call brain is capable to do. Robots in the future will be good free throw shooters, and maybe golf players, but i don't think they will go beyond that in the near future.
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      Oct 3 2012: Not in the near future, but think of the far future the only difference is that the human brain processes information much faster and more efficiently but the future may hold surprising results.
      • Oct 5 2012: There is something else. Lifeforms are constantly evolving also, The evolution process has not stopped. Human skills and thinking abilities are constantly evolving also. So as artificial intelligence for robots advances our thought processing skills may be improving too. And in the far future this skills will be better.

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