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High school students 9-12 are bored to tears. I was bored to tears in the 50's, ask a student today and they too are bored to tears.

Teenagers need a challenge! Todays schools offer boredom and repeat of lower class information for THREE years. What a waste of talent. Let each student chose if they want to be college material or craftsmen. Let them graduate from high school with an Associates degree or certification as journeyman in a trade field. Let them see and feel the goal they are setting for themselves from the eighth grade on. How many brilliant students are left behind because they are not exposed to a higher level of skills while just young teens. This would level the playing field between those that can afford private schooling and those who could not even dream of private schools. When a person is so bored without a learning challenge, they place their energies into other extremes, (drugs, sex, pills for everything, etc.). These kids are not dumb they are Uninspired by our ho-hum attitude about what they need to know for the future. I also am concerned with academic individuals who feel they are not contributing any longer to the mental growth of their students. Let's help them by initiating rewards for innovation in teaching. These SAT tests are ridiculous and accomplish a lot of useless data. Kids have been lying on them for years as to their backgrounds. A good example is the old school question, "What did you have for breakfast, Johnny?" I always answered "Orange juice, cereal and toast with jelly". This was in the 40's, I was lucky to have had a mashed potato sandwich. Let's quit pretending that teens are not bright enough to understand what is going on and give them a real challenge that will produce a great future for all.


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  • Sep 24 2012: Hi Henry, I didn't mean to imply that you can't learn as you get older. Many of our learning skills come through experience. My concern is, I was bored through high school and we were lucky to have a telephone, let alone pills to make me not expound, so it's not the new gadgets, it's the curriculum. Too many administrators spoil the learning environment for teachers and students. One solultion is not to continue with out three R method once the student gets beyond 6th grade, but to introduce greater learning skills (higher academic and craft certification) to all students and give them real life experiences. I agree that our young people have too much too soon, but our exposure to smut via technology is just too great. Let's keep the teens concentrating on growth of their minds and skills where possible. School is the greatest learning tool they have. It should be geared to their future and hold their interest. Letting them graduate at a higher level than a "diploma" would assist them in reaching higher goals in life.

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