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Is it right to profit from addiction? Is it right to profit from harm?

Is it right to profit from the sale of addictive products and services, specifically, from the portion of consumers who are addicted i.e. cannot control their consumption? Whilst morality is a subjective issue, the harm that is caused by this practice is measurable. Therefore is it right to profit from causing harm?


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  • Sep 25 2012: by the same token, is it right to benefit during the rehabilitation?
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      Sep 25 2012: Thanks, Mr. Koenraadt, for your candid follow-up question. Is the question for someone in particular? Please note that the way to reply to a particular contributor is to select the word "Reply" (in red) in that person's comment. If there is no "Reply" available you can begin a new post prefaced with "@ Mr. ?????"
      • Sep 25 2012: it was to no one in particular, just a general question to try and provoke thought about it.
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      Sep 25 2012: Well profiting from rehabilitation is profiting from treatment, that's a whole other question. The question is related to profiting from selling things that cause harm. Specifically, from the portion pf profits that are directly earned from consumers who are addicted, i.e. cannot control their consumption and would rather not be consuming.
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        Sep 25 2012: what you are saying is tobacco?
      • Sep 25 2012: Would it not count under addiction services? If so it is within the bounds of the discussion.

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