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Are these "the best of times" or "the worst of times" for the world?

Many articulate and brilliant people can show why human civilization and/or the natural environment is going down the wrong path and how we are doomed. Others (admittedly, far fewer) argue that we are on the verge of the most wonderful era in human history. What do you think? Are we at a particularly unique turning point? Why do you have hope? Why do you despair? What needs to happen?

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    Mar 23 2011: I think that all humans need to work together. We need to stand up to the corruption of the world and we cannot tolerate that the world is like it is.

    We use oil in our cars, we ship tons and tons of stuff from china to all of the world and worst of all... we have a lot of poverty all over the world.

    We need to realize that there would be no oil, no shipping of tons of goods and no poverty if we wouldn't have money.

    It is this greed of money that man has that keeps us chained to the machines like slaves. It's the main reason of crime, murder, poverty, polution etc.

    Think how the world would be if we only used wind, water, heat and solar power. We wouldn't destroy the world and we would need money because all electricity would be free. We wouldn't need to ship things from china to America because there would be no reason. The only reason right now is because it is much more cheap to do it.
    Not a single person on the earth would be poor. All the African kids would get free medication for AIDS, they would get food. Everyone would.

    Not a single person would be left out. And we do have the technoligy, we do have the resourses.
    People may not think we do but if you go down to your local market and ask how much food they trhow out every day. That would be containers. And now think that every store in the whole world is just throwing out this food and other things that does expire. All that food could be used by the people in poverty tadoy.

    But do people think of this? No.. You keep telling your kids to eat all their food because "think of the children in africa they dont get that much food". WELL THEN SEND THE FOOD I AINT EATING STUPID !

    I'm sorry if my spelling is bad, but I think you get my point anyways...

    PEACE !
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    Mar 21 2011: I think there is no such thing as "best" or "worst" of times. Each time has it's own challenges.
    Hope: there is always hope unless proven otherwise.
    Despair: not a word I frequently use in my vocabulary.
    What needs to happen ? Humanity has to grasp that as a race we only will prosper if we work together for a set of common goals.
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    Mar 23 2011: What a great question - Maybe could go very hand in hand with why we keep repeating the same fundamental mistakes in humanity and society...

    We do seem to be in a world of digital enlightenment yet life outside of the digital world (often known as reality lol) seems to be heaping its way towards some sort of armageddon, the more we entrench our lives in the digital the more we neglect the 'real'.

    Lessons of the past would've told us that as the world starts to spiral towards new technologies- we should be taking precautions to make sure some sort of balance is maintained or maybe our own advances may get out of our own control.

    I guess I digressed a lot but I think in many aspects we are in the best time but in other aspects this could be the worst time.
  • Mar 22 2011: both.for this reason that we must draw conclusions for not making the same mistakes in the future