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Education curriculum for elementary - high school should be more practical than theorical

I dont know who invented the education curriculum for the first time but what I feel is that students from elementary - high school learn something that's not really usefull for daily life, for example important subject ( for me ) is languange, simple math, and sport...

at school we learn something like Algebra, Integral, bla bla bla, it's really not practical in real life, you cant get job or part time job if you know these things,
why dont we learn something more practical at school like First Aid kid stuff, how to plant, cooking, how to fixing thing, how to recycle trash, how to clean stuff, how to get clean water, how to make light and fire bla bla bla...why this important stuff is only optional at school ? I think learn those stuff should be a main curriculum ...

can you imagine if students learn those skill at school, kid will know how to fix problem at home and at their environment, they will have more respect to nature

kid nowdays mostly only good at playing games, vandalism, fighting and porn
, how often do you see a kid can fix simple broken chair, or can cook simple food, or know how to manage trash ?

for what a kid age 12-18 knows about momentum, Integral, animal classification, bla bla bla ? it's only important for kids who want to further their study to become scientist, and as you know only less than 20% kid in your class become and want to be scientist

changing our education curriculum will dramatically changing our future generation behavior, dont you agree ?

(sorry for my bad english, I just learned it yesterday )

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  • Sep 25 2012: Yes and no. Today's curriculum is one size fits all. I think that if students want to learn academics should have that option and students who are struggling at basics should have more practical approach.

    Now taking academic subjects such as Algebra, Geometry, or Chemistry is not about what will you actually use in life but the process of learning those concepts helps you in life.
    • Sep 25 2012: then give me examples how learning geometry and chemistery helps me in my life ?
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        Sep 25 2012: For many people geometry is the first and sometimes only course in which people learn what it means to have proved something, subject to assumptions - what it means to know something is true.
      • Sep 25 2012: Hello, you missed the point. I am saying that the process to understand these concepts and theories, you have to use your critical thinking skills which helps you in real life not the chemical formulas or # of vertex of a geometric shape. X +Y +Z =40 This is very simple and basic example but we use this kind of calculation constantly in life; for example restaurant bills or shopping. I think it is all about perspective.

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