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How get high speed internet access with low budget in third world countries?

People of third world countries have very low speed access to the internet. To compete in today's world every one needs a very high speed internet access to know about what is going on around the world. This is very difficult for all the people in third world countries people who need to use internet on daily basis, specially for the under graduate students who needs to research on daily basis. While surfing internet , checking e-mail, or watching a tutorial or reviews on youtube its takes forever to load, this takes most valuable resource we have got i.e. TIME.due to slow internet in many of third world countries many of the brilliant minds are wasting their time for a web page or video to load. which can be used to learn something new or to perform a experiment from what hey have learned form various medias,that could end up being in revolutionise the whole world or may be beyond.

So how can we solve this slow internet problem with low budget that third world country has?

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    Oct 2 2012: I agree that the most likely sources for the revenue to fund the infrastructure necessary to create high speed internet will come from the public sectors within the country and abroad as well as global private institutions, but the people of the country must demand this service in a more open and visible manner. If countries and companies realize that the people of certain "third world" nations want this service and show that they have the human capital (not financial or even resources associated capital) to contribute to the global economy, it should be worth their while.
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    Sep 30 2012: I think this is a gradual process related with demand and supply and initiative of government and private sector. As far as I remember almost 5 year back we had to pay almost triple of what we are paying today for internet. As the demand went up competition became high and the price went down. Though its still not quite affordable accessibility has improved a lot. There can also be several things affecting in the background but I positively believe there will be changes in due course of time.
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    Sep 24 2012: i am suffering the same problem .i even couldn't see the fb ,twiter,you tobe .