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Can we actually do business ethically and still make money?

The idea behind any business is to make money.. now with the objective of making sure that all stake holders are happy.. is it viable rather possible to do business without compromising - without breaking rather mending the rules of the game - without cutting corners?


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    Sep 25 2012: A business absolutely CAN be run with ethics as the primary driver... I know because I did it. With that said you have to accept a lower profit margin to do it; and this is the crux of the problem you are addressing... Many if not most big businesses are owned or beholden to Wall Street for their financing and Wall Street as a whole demands max profits nowadays... It USED to be that a business producing 3 to 5% annual growth was doing "well" in the eyes of Wall Street. Now they tend to target 8 to 15%.... Unrealistic, and it results in all sorts of fubar cost-cutting methodologies which result in short-sighted moves like off-shoring jobs...

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