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Can we change, can we live without money?

Ancient civilisations achieved a great deal, when focusing their efforts upon whichever problem needed to be solved. Energy, water, food etc.

Where previous civilisations failed to meet the needs of their people we now have the opportunity to learn from them and with greater numbers than has ever been on this planet before.

However we have been distracted for generations.

Our efforts are focussed on acquiring, chasing, and losing money, while real issues such as providing fresh drinking water, food, and energy to all humanity are ignored by the majority of us.

The problem with money has become so complex and yet its source energy is greed, and we know this to be destructive in all forms of relationship.

Why would we continue to face the world’s problems using the biggest source of distraction in humanity to get us there?

It is insanity to believe that we need “new world order” and world currency to solve these issues.

A thought:

Imagine everyone today who’s role in human civilisation is to protect and serve money (bankers, accountants, so on and so on) where to be suddenly un-employed.
What figure would that be?
How many working hours would there be available for other more productive tasks in society?

Imagine there is no money. What do we need? How much of it do we need?

Can we meet our needs as a civilisation with the quantities we require vs the amount of time and human energy we have?
Can we stand as ONE to achieve this?

There are more questions, there are more problems, change is coming one way or another, and time is running out.


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    Sep 24 2012: The problem is not the money; the problem is the slavish dedication to the acquisition of money. Some people are just simply inconsiderate, greedy, selfish and materialistic.
    Even if money doesn't exist, these human failings would manifest in other ways. That is why humanity should focus on ethics and moral issues.

    If the human is right, the world will be right. But if human beings are evil; even brilliant and laudable systems would fail.
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      Sep 24 2012: I don't agree that humans are naturally greedy, inconsiderate, or selfish. I think this is constructed by society.
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        Sep 24 2012: Human beings are not perfect. We have choices between doing the right thing and doing otherwise; and sometimes our choices are harmful to others.
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        Sep 25 2012: I agree with your thoughts indicating the social contruct theory,Henry,however I think that there is a level of greed that is necessary for material success.@ Feyisayo, the problem is indeed is money! and social system, as in institutions; money has become a crucial test of human character and no longer an independent lagal tender in social exchange in many socities.

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