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Should We bring laws to protect morality in online games.Because I think the online games are spreading negative emotions and even crime.

Without laws,there'll be no restrict.There are lots of bad things in online games,I'll take one little thing for example.I've seen so many high level players kill low level players.It's just like an adult kicking pupils.In real life,this tough guy will be put into jail.But in games,what he did is permitted.So as many other bad things,like cheating.Games are more and more like real life.The difference is there's laws in real life.If there's no restrict in online games,those bad behavior will be indulged.And I believe that will cause problems not only in games but also in real life,because games do affect our life.More and more people spend more time in online games.It's just like their second life.And living a second life with no restrict every day.I do believe there's something will go wrong sometime.


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  • J B

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    Sep 30 2012: So you suggest legislation to include theft of ingame, paid currency to be a crime? A good idea, but terribly difficult to implement. Then again I'm principally against ingame currency which can be bought and sold, officially or not.
    • Oct 9 2012: As a gameplayer,I agree with you that ingame currency can not be bought and sold, officially or not.But the situation is the opposite.There has been a huge market which is full of crime.I just thought we should do something.

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