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What is debate?

Is it a comparison of ideas or a search for "truth"?

  • Sep 24 2012: It should be both a comparison of ideas during which one finds something like truth. However, competitive debate is meant as persuasion. The one who changes the most minds to their point of view "wins". So sometimes, you will find people coming into the process with the strong desire to "win". I think when we exchange ideas we each now have two ideas which makes us both winners.
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    Sep 24 2012: I read today a concise point of view related to your question. The author wrote: "Emotions make good advisors and bad kings."
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    Gail .

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    Sep 24 2012: Ideally it is a springboard to learning. But those who prefer ignorance use it as a platform for hate.
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    Sep 24 2012: Debate is an effort to convince by logic and reason.
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    Sep 24 2012: How do we then ensure the proper progression of debate?

    Do you think emotions should play a role (getting offended, being offensive)?

    How about rhetoric? Should our debates rely strictly on facts?