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Do you believe that our future is bright, if yes, why and if not, why not?

While looking at the trends like human health, access to knowledge, access to technology, technology growth, etc., we start believing that our future is going to be very good. On the other hand, looking at the trends like destruction of nature, speed at with we are consuming natural and environmental resources, explosion of human population, carbon in the air and climate change, etc., we think that really difficult times are ahead of us.

I am interested in knowing the sources of optimism and causes of pessimism in us.

Just to be clear, "our" means humankind :-)


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    Oct 20 2012: I do think the future is bright, but not without conflict. I believe in paradise, but also know that there is always a snake. Human nature wil continue to strive for better amidst the chaos as it has always done, the big difference today is that problems are astoundingly BIG, but today we have the astoundingly BIG miracle of human invention in the internet, where problem solving will involve thousands or millions minds in 'crowd sourced problem solving'. Think in terms of open source code, and how quickly that evolves and improves. World problems are soon going to be addressed this way.Also better open source management is taking root to help in this process. The solutions will come from people and the governments will eventually implement them. Leadership and answers no longer come from governments since their main purpose is to maintain the status quo, until a new group changes that status and the climate will MAKE that happen, cause you can curse the heat with all the political fury you like, but sooner or later you will get hot enough to stop ... and then blame the liberals for something new.

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