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Do you believe that our future is bright, if yes, why and if not, why not?

While looking at the trends like human health, access to knowledge, access to technology, technology growth, etc., we start believing that our future is going to be very good. On the other hand, looking at the trends like destruction of nature, speed at with we are consuming natural and environmental resources, explosion of human population, carbon in the air and climate change, etc., we think that really difficult times are ahead of us.

I am interested in knowing the sources of optimism and causes of pessimism in us.

Just to be clear, "our" means humankind :-)


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  • Sep 28 2012: I do not believe our future is bright. We humans, I feel, have overreached ourselves, and, in particular, have allowed our animality to lead us into an unsustainable overexploitation and overpopulation of our world with the corresponding irreversible destruction of that "miraculous" ecosphere which, first, produced us, and second, must sustain us. Meanwhile we entertain ourselves with fictions, like going to haven on other planets, or repairing this damaged planet-- the list is unending.TED seems to be biased in favor of possible fictional improvements of our prospects, i'm saddened to see.
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      Sep 28 2012: It is a very good response. Have you seen Tristram Stuart's The global food waste scandal?

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