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Do you believe that our future is bright, if yes, why and if not, why not?

While looking at the trends like human health, access to knowledge, access to technology, technology growth, etc., we start believing that our future is going to be very good. On the other hand, looking at the trends like destruction of nature, speed at with we are consuming natural and environmental resources, explosion of human population, carbon in the air and climate change, etc., we think that really difficult times are ahead of us.

I am interested in knowing the sources of optimism and causes of pessimism in us.

Just to be clear, "our" means humankind :-)


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  • Sep 28 2012: It depends on your world view. If you only consider yourself in your world, then yes, it will be very bright for you!If you consider everyone and everything else as a whole, then no, our combined future is much much darker than we could have imagined.
    It is all relative - a balance. We know little, so we have yet to discover the totality of what we are doing to ourselves.
    A bright candle in a small jar is perceived as bright when only considering as far as the jar. However, that same candle is perceived as nothing when considering its place in the universe. Add to that that our jar-sized understanding of our place in the universe is expanding much faster than the light of our ability to positively influence these things. Add to that that technology is leading us to ask more questions than it/we can provide answers to. Add to that that we increasingly know more about external things and less and less about our own selves inside. Add to that that what universaly makes us happy has always remained the same - self worth, relationships, sincerity, commitment, sacrifice - yet the number of things created to make us happy increases and increases while completely missing the point! Add to that that the more we know (rogue asteroids, killer diets, solar flares, earthquake/volcano/tsunami alerts, what habits statistically shorten our life expectancy,...) the less blissfully happy we are in this information age!
    Simple answer: No for us, Yes for me.

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