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Do you believe that our future is bright, if yes, why and if not, why not?

While looking at the trends like human health, access to knowledge, access to technology, technology growth, etc., we start believing that our future is going to be very good. On the other hand, looking at the trends like destruction of nature, speed at with we are consuming natural and environmental resources, explosion of human population, carbon in the air and climate change, etc., we think that really difficult times are ahead of us.

I am interested in knowing the sources of optimism and causes of pessimism in us.

Just to be clear, "our" means humankind :-)


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    Sep 24 2012: I am very optomistic because I believe that the global economic model that is causing all of humankind's problems is on the verge of failure. when it collapses, we have the chance to fix what went so wrong.
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      Sep 24 2012: What do you think will be short-term impact of such collapse and how long would it take before the dust settles?
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        Sep 24 2012: Not sure. But I do know that by and large, we will find ourselves forced to learn how to cooperate again - in the name of our survival. Right now our political and economic systems are designed to turn people against people, but when they collapse, reality will set in. Cooperation, not fear or hate, and certainly not class systems, will be our avenue to survival.

        the first year would be the hardest, because basic essentials of living would have to be provided for and excesses discarded. This will cause emotional turmoil in those who have not been preparing themselves for the event. (who have not learned how to establish inner peace)

        As a "sense" or normalcy returns in the face of reality, (sincerely looking for fixes), more rational discourse can then take place and we can begin to establish a moneyless system where people are the value and money has none. I doubt that we will be denied energy and water for more than a few days at most (and the Internet for a few weeks). The failing governments will take them over in the name of the people (and the survival of the politicians who gave us the collapse - because when money has no value, the "upper class" will just be one of us). People will be called upon to volunteer wherever possible in the name of humanity's survival. (Look at how wonderfully people response to natural disasters)

        I think that there will be great anger at first, and though misplaced, will be directed at those who brought us to the new reality - including religions. But as life improves and actually gets better because money is not the indicator of my value as a human, life will begin to improve, and people will begin doing things that they like to do and are good at because they like to do them and share their talents.

        The engines of society will begin taking us in another direction. It shouldn't be more than 7-10 years before we are celebrating that which we once feared. The route to that point will vary from person to person.

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