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Progress vs Individuality

Do government's have the obligation to influence their citizens in a productive way?

I can understand freedom and free-will. However, do we not all receive a level of programming? Therefore, how much programming is too much?

I argue that people need to focus on psychology more. We seriously need to consider studying children and educating our youth.

While TED conventions and such reach a broad base I believe it is limited by nature. I don't believe people come to TED sites or attend TED conventions from some newly found sense of self.

I do agree that people change. However, it seems that many are wrapped up in the world of "social life" and disregard other facets of life. Is this programmed behavior? Are we the result of programming or free-will?

I agree with protecting religion. However, just as we respect all areas of opinion we should respect science. How long before we realize individuality may not play a role in character or outcomes in life?

The question all boils down to the clone concept.

1) If you cloned a person exactly like you.
2) If that person was raised exactly the same as you.

Would that person be exactly like you?

Many believe the answer is no. They say because of individuality choices are the result of "free-will" or whatever the human decided.

Others say no because events, even when presented in the same way, produce random outcomes. This random result seems like "free-will" but is really a "wheel of fate" that stops on random outcomes or decisions.

Some believe you would be exactly the same since the same variables would be applied, and the biological makeup would be the same.

What does everybody think?

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    Sep 24 2012: We are the product of everything we have experienced. My clone would be different from me unless we experienced exactly the same events, which I suspect is a zero probability. Thank you!