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A tv show of a world wide crime buster who uses the internet from his New Orleans Home to fight crime!

A friend a I were doing an internet search trying to buy a monkey. We responded to an ad and were contacted within seconds from someone in Cameroon. We were asked to send money via wire but after several measages we convienced them we were expats living only 2 hours from them and arranged a place to meet, (in front of a local bank who had a LiveWeb cam). At the same time we contacted local police in the area and asked/ reported what we were doing. The next day we sat in front of our Laptops and watched the police arrest them. It was priceless and all done from home. I would like to do a tv show and/or setup a non profit and raise funds to have many people doing the same thing. Any other ideas?

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    Sep 23 2012: We used google maps and searches to promptly reply with answers to the folks trying to scam us.
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      Sep 24 2012: with the new tech-.we solve some crimes is not fresh.we use the Monitoring system.we use the internet .now we do a lot .i think it is a progress.you konw we can grasp a lot os information .that is the most important!
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        Sep 24 2012: How does your comment inspire or promote the spirit of TED?
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          Sep 24 2012: you say something about the crimes.so i just plenty it .i think it is against the peace.while also. in order to seeek peace right ?
          the spirit of ted is ideas worth speading .so this is a idea rigth .we should say it is right or wrong
          it is just an idea