Sandwich Artist, Penn Station East Coast Subs

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Mind Your Ps and Qs

Every action has a consequence. It is easy to forget these consequences when they are not our own. Every word you say that is heard by another individual affects their perception of you, their actions, and their experiences; which in turn have consequences of their own for good or bad. By making our words kind, insightful, thoughtful and loving - one person at a time, one action at a time our world becomes a better place. What drives hateful speech?

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    Sep 24 2012: What drives hate speech? Hate.
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    Sep 23 2012: Andrew, you are in an ideal place to practice the philosophy you articulate here, as a Sandwich Artist in Penn Station. (Over forty years ago I was a sandwich dispenser at a busy tourist attraction on the West Coast, and I am also familiar with the setting from having commuted daily through Penn Station about thirty-five years ago. So I can imagine your work day, I think).