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Do people love or hate their job?

People either love their job and work hard at it or they hate it and stay because they a) know their demon, b) are scared to look for another job, c) can't find another job, or d) their martket is bad and are staying while they transition to something else.


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  • Sep 23 2012: I think your a, b, c, and d are a little pedantic. No one loves their job every single day. I think an e is in order. e) they have been doing their job for decades, they are very good at it, they make good money at it, and to change careers and learn something different is not going to come even close to the income of their occupation they've gotten very knowledgeable about and good at. I'm a finish carpenter, I'm very good at it, and have many references from satisfied customers. I'm fifty, it's getting a little physically tiring, but there is not a single thing in the world I could do for work that would come close to the pay.

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