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What are your representations of the English language? Please answer my questionnaire

Good day,

This is a request for some academic research I’m conducting. There is complementary information available in the introduction to the questionnaire.

I would be most grateful if you could please fill in one of the questionnaires found at the links below.

In addition, I would be particularly appreciative if you could circulate the questionnaire links as well.
In fact, the general public is targeted, so your friends, co-workers and family are all worthy and welcomed respondents. The aim is to collect a total of 500 responses from a diverse and multinational palette sample.

There are two versions, English and French, please choose one:

English version:

French version:

Thanks in advance.

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    Gail .

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    Sep 23 2012: I hope you bring your conclusions back to this forum and tell us about them.
  • Oct 20 2012: hmmm... tempting.
    Do you have a non-google version?
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      Oct 20 2012: Steve, I do have a WORD desktop version, but the disadvantage of that is I'll need to send it to your inbox...
  • Oct 8 2012: Done! Merci :)
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      Oct 9 2012: Thank you! It's shaping up well... over a 100 responses so far
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    Sep 23 2012: Thank you, I most certainly will and judging from the excellent quality of the responses I've had so far, the conclusions are going to provide a lot of fodder for ongoing dialogue.