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Human Beings should detect the Broken Relations and Faith, and set up and restore the Right Relations and Faith for the World that All "

Human Beings should detect the Broken Relations and Faith,
and set up and restore the Right Relations and Faith for the World that
All " Could be together with
and also Should be together with
and so Are together with ".

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    Oct 23 2012: Would like to offer M.C. Escher sky and water visual metaphor for community and my own fun formula C=ETTR2=C.
    In Escher's picture there are four pyramids two on vertical axis and two on horizontal axis. Now a global community. Now hopefully USA becoming a more reflective teenager and drawing it's horns in a bit on the military front. Hope not closing it's borders like Australia to skilled migrants over 45 but there you go. Hope and faith non-material products. Difficult to trade non-visible products. Buddhists chant because only way to keep oral history correct. Printed scripts always liable to typos and misunderstandings in translation. Look at new translation of bible into Jamaican patois. Not just changing words but changing cultural context too so people can engage with the ideas in it. So hopefully not going to get flamed over this what if...and have looked at lots of creationist stories from lots of different cultures (etiology). What if Zorastrian depiction of flame over everyones head a metaphor for the energy of each individual. We all know what happens in teamwork. Using Escher to reflect on pyramids. We came out of the slime and we will return to the slime but NOT YET. No idea how far along the horizontal axis we are. Global warming not to be ignored because of consequences to weather patterns. In fall of Roman empire total population reduction of something like 60 to 70 percent. Flooding and famine, disease and war all results of competition for resources hence global co-operation but not one giant state, a series of co-operative states. Still worried about risk of serious flooding in China this year. Right the wrong word for it's facist connatations. What about 'good enough' and 'sufficient'. U.S.A. politicians offering beacon of hope, be careful about the teams advising the candidates - sharks or swans, crocodiles or tigers. Look at etiology 'Tower of Babel' wikipedia. Oldest artefacts G.B. cup of community and sharing.
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    Oct 23 2012: it seems to me that the new system of approving conversations is not functional yet
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    Oct 23 2012: Yes!
    The only way is to go SYMBIOSIS “together with”.
    Otherwise, we are to go humankind self-extinction “together with”.

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    Sep 23 2012: Yes it does look like a world of suspicion but these words are my words and i'm just one of 7 billion lights.

    Faith,trust,peace,love, how does one get back the humble man?
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      Oct 23 2012: Yes!
      It is easy to "get back the humble man" if we quit the SILLY "invalid happiness".
  • Sep 23 2012: Power to the POSITIVE!