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We are establishing National transportation services. We have advanced the opportunity to start building a "Green Industrial Revolution"

The EcoFaire will bring environmental services to, businesses & residential consumer that will save people money and get those rebates. EcoFaire International will bring jobs to the U.S. and beyond. To do this we want to attract businesses that are committed to this same cause. There is currently a need for leadership to build a green industry. This is an opportunity for people/entities to be that “Leader” in the green industry movement.
We will employ other products and ideas to develop the vehicles. The slack in production areas in just one of the potential partners’ vehicle manufacturer’s inventory will allow a fast turnaround to ramp up the retrofit + creation of these multipurpose vehicles. Vehicles such as Diesel buses, school + transit already in use can be modified with existing clean technology as new vehicles are built to add to the existing fleet. GCDN, an initiative to grow natural gas fueling stations in all regions of the U.S.A 2k12 EcoFaire EcoFaire International was founded to create implement & build job banks throughout our communities. Our work has spanned a range of underserved communities in need of resource development. The nature of the the USA needs, objectives, goals & aspirations are symbiotic with the overall mission of EcoFaire International. Communities are able to initiate this venture with little to no wait time with the EcoFaire Principles have unlimited support in the communities We serve.

The revolution, creating an economic corridor, to be spearheaded by the EcoFaire campaign in the City Of Chicago, Suburbs, and Ohio & NW Indiana will encourage communities to invest in themselves.

Green Civil Defense Network"
GCDN is a call to action for strengthening our neighborhoods, our schools & transit system. GCDN is an initiative to bring green jobs, while inspiring an enormous change in our communities on a grassroots effort to develop real green jobs, while acquiring a massive change.

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