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Should the Ted Community, plead with facebook and the likes to create a better user dialog interface for TED?

We all use it , it has many flaws. How would you change it?

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    Sep 22 2012: Oh.sorry,i'm used to semi retired or retired or people my age group,when i saw in one of your posts you stated that your going to run for Governor of your state i took it for granted that you were similar to my age range or older,not that age really has much to do with anything while online.

    I've never tried googles system,their tracking system is too invasive for an old spy like me.Hmm you might be onto something here Casey, the forums definitely need more people,new minds.
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      Sep 22 2012: None taken, My age is irrelevant in my opinion it is my actions that matter not my age. And yes new minds are always great
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    Sep 22 2012: Hi Casey,

    Do you mean a better user dialog interface for TED?
    If so I think that this conversation might be removed quite soon... :-(
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      Sep 22 2012: Why would it be removed can the ted fellows not take constructive criticism. the user interface is horrible, as well as the way in which I am notified by response to conversations, only receiving and email. Also the reply line is horrible. I should be able to reply to one person comment in a chain as was as the whole chain. If TED is truly about ideas worth spreading and can take constructive criticism, then they are hypocrites about what Ideas are worth spreading.
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        Sep 23 2012: Well, I must admit that I haven't been to conversations in a while (almost a year) but way back when I had to put up a big fight to get the first "Improvements for TED" Conversation. It wasn't that big of a success since I put up too many conversation rules (admin requirement for letting the conversation stick) and I moved abroad at the same time so I couldn't maintain it. Check it if you wish

        Then when the Conversation was shut down and TED employee Will True decided to open a similar Conversation, before this conversation every conversation that posted (constructive!) criticism about TED was deleted with the following message "Thank you for your idea for improving TED, please send it to the correct channels" Check out Will's conversation here:
        There are about 700 Ideas for TED there that I never saw implemented here on TED...

        But maybe things have changed, in which case I have much to do since that's been a main reason for me staying away (that and unfair censoring of my comments and conversations).

        Anyway, hope that this Conversation sticks so that we can start improving in the direction the community wants.

        Btw, I think that they did a bad job when creating Conversations, I think that most of the work was done by GE. The Conversations section is perhaps so flawed (in code) that improvements are virtually impossible to apply. I don't know since they don't tell, but reading between a million lines has led me to this conclusion.
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      Sep 22 2012: And yes I am talking about TED and the way the conversations are set up, not saying there bad just saying some parts are. They website as a whole is good. But there should be like "notifications " with in the TED website so I don't have to wait and check me email. So on and so forth.
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        Sep 22 2012: The best way to keep up with the flow Casey is to keep your Email open in a Tab depending on how and what your using to access the site,if it's Pc then it would be either a windows op system or linux system so it all comes down to browser setup,if it's something else then yep it would be a pain.The site is a simple system and at first can be quite annoying but one gets use to it,i got to too use to it and found that i totally forgot to operate other forums as i prefer one thing at a time.
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          Sep 22 2012: Yeah that basically what I do then I click on the link and it takes me here. Then I have to remember to hit the reply button by your name and not just post in the box at the bottom of the screen. I just think if TED went to Google or whoever they would probably do the interface for free. Because all though Google is a giant corporation they are all about "ideas worth spreading" and normally they do it at no cost to the end user. And most like no cost to ted.
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        Sep 22 2012: Your an old bugger Casey and us old buggers get annoyed when something that looks great and simple actually turns out to be a runaround,he he,i reacted the same when i first started to post here,i think TED is run by voluntary personnel but i could be wrong and it is deliberately kept this way to keep the wave moving forward,in a strange way it keeps things to a even pace,one is forced to move on,the site needs more new blood like you and other politically minded carbon based organics to give even representation,there's too many aliens here for my liking lol.
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          Sep 22 2012: Actually although my soul might be old I am only 30. In fact its that Google plus and Facebook are way more easier to have awe inspiring conversation and dialog back and forth and if I think one of My friends might be interested in the conversation I can bring them into it. Heck what ted need is a dedicated social media site for TED people. It would function more organically and be a smoother process. Down side might have ads to contend with.