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Is suicide awareness a topic that is being neglected too much? Or is it tabooed for "PC Reasons"? When is enough enough?

In Australia, the ABC Tv Station recently ran a story on the subject of suicide awareness and a side-story on narcotics contribution. The show was nearly prevented from going to air because of "sensitivity and political correctness" concerns which ended up involving the High Courts. As someone who was suffered suicidal depression and lost family members to suicide, I find the "tabooing" of the subject wrong. In Australia, for example, newspapers are not allowed to report suicides as such: for censorship reasons they MUST be reported as "unsuspicious circumstances" - severe fines apply. Psychologists/Psychiatrists are not allowed to use the word around patients or patients' families for concerns best known to whoever decided on that regulation. And a similar story regarding depression, which in Australia affects 4 out of every 5 males and 1 out of every 3 females.

So when does this negligence and political correctness become overly excessive? Why is it that despite the growing suicide rate (which stands worldwide currently of one person every 30s), people are not prepared to try and do anything. In England ad campaigns are run to raise awareness: but IS THIS ENOUGH? How to we stop something when we cannot even mention it in conversation? Are we complicit as a silent community trying to avoid "that which must not be named"? How do we try and turn this situation around?


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  • Oct 3 2012: It is true the the 'hype' that was accorded to the suicide topic has died down. Maybe because people have decided to stop looking at this personal issue from a communal point of view. People are starting to realize that there is a root cause. A persons upbringing and how they have been taught to value themselves and life in itself, to understand that they are here for a reason and not by accident. If people are going to deal with this Suicide Problem then reforms must be implemented from an early age. Therefore as a child grows up knowing that life is a gift more precious than any other, and understanding of the value of ones life, will make a them think twice before robbing themselves of that privilege.

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