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Are we ready for a perfect world?

The Venus Project

The Venus Project is an organization that is founded on the ideas, designs, and direction presented here. It represents many years of research and dedication on the part of its originator and Project Director, Jacque Fresco. Its 25-acre research and design center is located in Venus, Florida where the future is taking shape today. The function of The Venus Project is to design, develop, and prepare plans for the construction of an experimental city based on the -principles outlined above. Here we have constructed nine experimental buildings, are developing alternative energy systems, city designs, transportation, manufacturing systems, and more. In support of this research we are creating blueprints, renderings, and models, holding seminars, producing books, videos, and other written material to introduce people to the aims of The Venus Project. The Venus Project is in the process of introducing a set of values and procedures that may enable us to achieve social transformation. The Venus Project will provide the designs and blueprints for a prototype community to test the validity of its social proposals and to establish a permanent planning center that could be used for future short-term and long-term project planning. It also proposes a relevant orientation for people to be able to adapt intellectually and emotionally to our new technological age. Anything short of overall social design would be inappropriate and far less effective. Our proposals will be submitted to the general public and all educational institutions, and we invite their participation. If enough people find the proposals acceptable and choose to join with us in this new advocacy, this could help to form the nucleus of an organization to further the aims of The Venus Project.

The circular configurations of the new cities as proposed by The Venus Project are not merely stylized architectural conceptualizations, but are the results of years of research to provide an environment t

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    Oct 6 2012: Great post. However, I would not call a resource-based economy, put forth by The Venus Project, a 'perfect world', just a lot better than we currently have. The notions of perfection and beauty are romantic values that stem from religion and does not correspond with the physical world. A resource-based economy is an emergent society that will always change and modify itself based on the current technology available.

    Also, please consider cleaning up this post by including sources/references that supports your claims. It will help the credibility of the post and it saves people's time to go look it up themselves. A closing note, where interaction could happen, would also be nice.

    Just some friendly and constructive ideas for your consideration.
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    Oct 6 2012:
    We have quite a bit of work to get to a resource based economy but worth it. I've been following TVP and TZM for a few years now. Pretty exciting stuff.
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    Oct 22 2012: What caused this world to be imperfect? That cause, whatever it is, cannot be part of the hypothetical perfect world. Answer that question honestly and correctly before spending too much on the Venus Project.
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    Oct 21 2012: This is an amazing idea but I feel the start up of it will require a lot of capital to get it off the ground. Once it gets going, I think the rest will be history.
    All of these wealthy people on here need to set aside their greed for all of this money that they have and donate it to the cause, aka The Venus Project. Let them take a temporary pay cut to get this project funded. I figure most of them are wealthy for a reason, so therefore, they should not have a difficult time reclaiming their wealth, although won't necessarily need in once they come to realize the greatness that will come from building this Venus Project. I think if we could persuade the wealthy ones to do this for maybe just a year, this will be the catalyst for all things to come. I know if I had a lot of money, I would gladly do this because I can see where we are heading and I would like to avoid that.
  • Sep 23 2012: If you're not ready for a perfect world, then start making yourself ready or get out of the way, for you will only prove to be a hindrance, barrier and bastion of insanity, to those who are brave enough to try and build one.

    And by one, I don't mean by force and only by and for a small elite group of people.
    Unless those who will be alive to live in it decide they want it and need it, they may get it done.

    However, it won't be for those who want or need it. It will only be for those who do it.

    Thinking in terms of doing it makes it possible. What you envision, you can build.

    Everyone working together, can do it. But they don't need those who don't want it, for whatever reasons, namely to maintain control of others.

    Oh well. I spouted.
  • Oct 16 2012: Will there be really a perfect world? Same thing for a Happy Earth?
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    Sep 23 2012: Maybe we should stop trying to turn our kids into physicists before the age of 5 and just let them be kids,they have time enough,look what happened to grooming them to be supersport stars.
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    Sep 23 2012: I'm not ready.

    Historically, individuals and groups have attempted to create "the perfect world" with disasterous results in the past.

    Somebody please get everyone to agree on what "The Perfect World" is before we start trying to achieve it.

    In the meantime, I have no reservations about trying to IMPROVE the one we currently have. But historically, we can't even get everyone to agree on how to do THAT.
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      Oct 21 2012: The Venus Project is not a perfect world, it's just a lot better. Jacques Fresco even states that is his talks.
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        Oct 22 2012: I'm OK with that, Joshua. But the conversation title is listed as an "idea" with the title of "Are we ready for a perfect world?"

        The title is misleading in what the Venus Project is trying to accomplish in that case. It will give people the wrong impression about what the discussion is about.
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          Oct 22 2012: Then, no, I don't think the world is ready for this type of change. I wish it were but I think we still have a few years to go.
          Maybe, next year, we will see the changes taking effect that are going to be needed as the catalysts of change.
  • Sep 23 2012: I'm ready for a perfect world, whether or not the Venus Project is the route to it. Encouraging truth, love and other positive modes of expression and behavior seems a short cut to me.