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Is ‘equianimity’ relevant for an atheist?

Wikipedia describes ‘equanimity’ as promoted by several religion.

Is ‘equianimity’ possible for one who does not have a religious ‘faith’? I find it very interesting that there are two possible extremes of life - one of constant and curious engagement with present in a deeply involved sense of meaning and other of a conscious detachment from everything around without being indifferent to life.
Should ‘equianimity’ be a preferred state of mind for a more meaningful life?


Closing Statement from Pabitra Mukhopadhyay

My conclusion: Equanimity is certainly relevant for atheists.

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  • Sep 23 2012: All Beings bear the relation that
    " Could be together with
    and also Should be together with
    and so Are together with ",
    and enjoys the Faith in this Relation.

    Please refer to http://www.worldwithgod.org and to one2gather.org & one2gether.net.

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