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The Proper Theory Of Relativity

Everything below is based on a new fundamental law that I figured out. If you reverse everything within a system then relativity everything stays exactly the same unless it's viewed from an external frame of reference. The curved space-time caused by gravity in the general theory of relativity also applies to ordinary acceleration. There is absolutely no difference between an object following a straight line in curved space-time and an object following a curved path in flat space-time. Gravity creates inwards curvature´╗┐ which pulls all masses towards each other, rather than conventional acceleration caused by outwards curvature. Gravity is a force of mass rather than energy which is why it's so much weaker than electro-magnetism.

The reason why General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics don't work together is because General Relativity's wrong. Singularities are not places where the laws of relativity break down. They're places that the laws of relativity prevent from ever being reached. A black hole is a four dimensional bubble of space-time, with the event horizon representing the physical boundary imposed by the speed of light that increases size the more space-time´╗┐ there is between the it and the observer. The concept of curved space-time hasn't been applied correctly and the result is a description of gravity that treats falling objects as equivalent to objects at rest in the sense that a falling object isn't under the influence of a force. This leads to objects being able to accelerate beyond a relative velocity of the speed of light when the pass the event horizon of a black hole, which is impossible.

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  • Oct 4 2012: Re : I do believe in the determinism.
    Would you agree that it is just a 'model' your mind feels comfortable with ?
    If you take 'no spacetime ' zone , it's 'determined' to all possible probabilities and the very notion ' determinism' makes no sense under the circumstances.
    If you take the 'perception' zone, which is unfolding in spacetime , hypothetically it can be determined by the ' attractor' and we can see the most likely development , "everything that CAN happen does", so it is limited by 'can' but still it is not cut off from all possibilities completely. It gives slim but still an opportunity for ' can't ' being converted into 'can' Sorry, it's really a kind of unlanguagable, at least for me :) Here is the quantum measurement problem : the observer and the observed are not distinct , the very act of observation changes the picture and the observer as a part of the picture . So, certainty is a kind of impossible condition. It is not only the failure of our human mind but the very nature of the Whole, 'it's constantly branching into alternate possibilities ' in a sense it is never complete, though it is everything . Iow. we can see the road but we don't know how the scenery will look like. As I understand it, the 'fabric' of the whole existence in its all seeming complexity can lead to some more likely to occur outcome, but it is not written down it is not certain. It gives the room for an 'unconscious' choice while conscious choice ( decision ) is always in the main stream motion and in a sense is not choice at all.
    And it is also just a model my mind feels more or less comfortable with, nothing more.
    Thanks for reading this :)
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      Oct 4 2012: We become part of any system that we try to measure so it's the fact that we try to know in the first place that makes the situation inherently unknowable, so the it's not really uncertain. It's just uncertain to anyone who tries to know. I think that made sense. My brain hurts.
      • Oct 5 2012: Maybe it is not necessary to achieve the closure with this
        stuff ? And in fact any belief system ( which we erroneously call knowledge ) that offers closure - meaning final answers- is sure to be wrong.
        So, one of the ideas I'd like to put out is the idea ( and it may seem strange in this menu, but perhaps not ) that we should feel comfortable not to know. Just enjoy the way with no place of destination :)
        Cheers !
        Thanks for the conversation !

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