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Love is overrated

You will never find your true love, there is no perfect relationship.
Or is there?
Isn't love overrated? Shouldn't we aim for other types of relationships (eg. open relationships, not monogamous relationships, communes)?

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    Sep 22 2012: I found this few days ago, that is what actually triggered this debate:

    I think it is fairly impossible to find Prince Charming/Princess Charming who is 100% for you and vice versa. Although I strongly believe that these persons exist somewhere in the world. Who are just... perfect (for you).

    If we accept this as a fundamental truth, and we still want to have relationships, then we' ll have to make compromises. If you are young/immature, then you are less willing to do that, if you grow and mature, you accept this more and more. And frankly, we need relationships and maybe it wouldn't be that good at all without these compromises, annoyances and frustrations.
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      Sep 22 2012: It's because these people don't exist. The perfect person for anybody does not exist. What you are to do is to find the person with whom you grow into the perfect couple. Two people, growing together, changing to become that Prince/Princess Charming.

      That takes time, commitment, honesty, and a devotion to each other and the goal of creating that type of relationship.
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        Sep 23 2012: many things do not exist like what we think .sometimes we should change our solution .to search

        sometime new. long we do one thing we may be locked .changing brings change.
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          Sep 24 2012: I know this well. The search is the key, and it takes a lifetime to learn how to search well. Once I learned how to search, that's when I realised my perfect peace had been with me all the time.

          And also, when my soul mate and I had both found and created each other.

          This is why it is so important to tell everyone always to keep searching, exploring, with an open heart and mind.

          "Changing brings change" - so well said, thank you!

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